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Dr. Elizabeth-Anne Stewart


I am responsible for writing grant proposal summaries and funding recommendations that are submitted to our Board of Directors. During my annual review in 2013, my Executive Director requested I contact a Writing Coach to help further develop my writing. He hoped that by working with a Writing Coach I would learn to identify clarity issues on my own, allowing him to “edit me less.”

I found Elizabeth-Anne through her website and contacted her. We agreed that the best option was to work with documents as I was writing them and because of my location to work together using Google Docs. During each of our sessions,  I open my document in Google Docs and share it with Elizabeth-Anne. We can then both view the document and changes ‘live’ as we discuss it over the phone. Together we identify grammar and clarity issues, combine ideas to simplify sentences, select stronger word choices and create stronger transitions between ideas.

As a result of this process, I feel that I am now better able to spot errors and I better understand the errors I am most prone to making so I can avoid them in the first place. Additionally, my Executive Director feels that the coaching has addressed the clarity issues he was concerned about. Working with Elizabeth-Anne has been wonderful. She is very encouraging, professional and friendly.

Angela B., Program Officer

    Writing Coaching and Editing