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Writing Services:  executive writing coaching | individual and group writing coaching | editing of dissertations and creative manuscripts (poetry and prose)| speech writing | resume coaching | assistance with sermons, keynote addresses and ceremony planning | manuscript review (fiction, poetry and non-fiction) | ESL Coaching (advanced spoken and written English) | creative writing seminars, and more....

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Dr. Elizabeth-Anne Stewart

ESL Coaching

Because everybody's needs are unique, I offer a personalized approach to English Coaching, designing a syllabus based on initial and ongoing assessment. Whether new to the U.S. or after years of residency, you may be having difficulties with idiom, navigating the culture, and pronunciation. Born in England and raised in both England and on the Mediterranean island of Malta , I am well aware of the many challenges facing international students and the immigrant community. An experienced counselor, I provide a safe environment in which you can not only improve your English but can also address cultural concerns. As one international student put it, I am both a "Writing CoAch" and a "Writing CoUch"!  When we meet for English classes, I can coach you in English or let you sit on the couch while I listen to some of the challenges you are facing.  "Couching" and "Coaching" are both important aspects of teaching English!

With a Diploma in TESOL from Eurolink, England, and years of experience teaching international students or students for whom English is either a second language or a foreign language, I like to work with high intermediate and advanced speakers/writers of English. Whether you are a corporate executive or an undergraduate student, I can help you take your English to the next level. I am here to assist you with your written projects and with reading, speaking and listening skills. I also work with small groups and can provide intensive workshops in "specialty" English such as Business English, Technical English, Hospitality English etc. If you are on a tight budget, forming a small group of 2-6 students willing to meet at the same time would be an economical way of learning English as I can give you a group rate.

In classroom settings, my approach is experiential, inclusive and flexible. I listen to the voices of those present so as to address their specific needs. When possible, I include working in pairs and small groups, creative play and goal setting in each seminar/class. In this way, the session unfolds according to the needs and skills of the particular group.