An experienced editor, I have worked on projects of every kind --  international collaborative ventures such as the International Commission on English in the Liturgy's Subcommittee on the Liturgical Psalter  (ICEL); auditing reports for the USDA; poetry and fiction manuscripts; brochures and websites; speeches; sermons;  research papers; literary magazines etc. My approach is to stay faithful to the content and style of the author while making the text more readable, expanding underdeveloped passages, deleting extraneous material, correcting basic grammar errors and placing ideas in a logical sequence. As a poet, I know the precise word to create emphasis, clarity and even an emotional reaction; as a public speaker, I intuitively play with the sounds of words and phrases, using the musicality of English to communicate a memorable written or spoken experience. 

As editor, my task is to "enhance" the original, not rewrite it. I will bring out the best of your work, either working with the manuscript directly or else meeting with you to go through the text word by word, line by line. In this way, you retain full control over the end product, while I simply offer the guidance that will let YOUR work shine!


Writing Services:  executive writing coaching | individual and group writing coaching | editing of dissertations and creative manuscripts (poetry and prose)| speech writing | resume coaching | assistance with sermons, keynote addresses and ceremony planning | manuscript review (fiction, poetry and non-fiction) | ESL Coaching (advanced spoken and written English) | creative writing seminars, and more....

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Dr. Elizabeth-Anne Stewart

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